A Vilerma

Two small and bicentennial rural homes made up the site of A Vilerma. Since 1978, Arsenio Paz and Chon Labrador – slowly and steadily – have been building a homeand vineyard project that , in present day, already consolidated, presents itself as a brand and reference.

Hanging from a gentle slope over the Avia basin, A Vilerma enjoys a full landscape, a display of terraced slopes, continuously changing, spotted with vines, villages, rocky outcrops and forests. In the background, the mountain crowned by Pena Corneira and further away, Serra do Suido, Fontefria...

Both, home and vineyard, have grown together making one unit, mixing in with the surroundings but also modifying it, undoing the unsustainable small scale exploitations and banishing palomino and other foreign varieties from the Appellation. In the construction it was chosen to respect, where possible, the popular and traditional architecture.