The N/S orientation of the Avia basin, its climate and soil present themselves as optimum for the growth of vines.

Sheltered by ranges and high plateaus, the Avia valley is protected from the north and has its slopes facing west, with good solar and aeration exposure. Favoured by natural barriers which hide it from Atlantic storms, the valley enjoys an oceanic-mediterranean transitional climate, humid and temperate, albeit with a marked and beneficial annual thermal disparity, with the lowest rainfall in Galicia and absence of precipitations in the grape maturation season.

The fundamental composition of the soil is granitic and clay-like sand with an abundance of stones, gravel, rocks and metamorphic shale. Low depth substrates – between 70 – 100 cm – lacking in organic matter – between 2 and 4% - and with a tendency towards acidification.

Soil, geography, orientation and climate make up an exceptional space for the cultivation of vineyards and perfect for the optimal ripening of the grapes, timely and balanced. Thanks to these exceptional conditions and an exquisite selection of the native varieties, the Avia valley posits fresh, light, aromatic full and pleasurable wines.More info.