It was the year 1977 when Arsenio Paz and Chon Labrador acquired A Vilerma, a site settled centuries ago, which faces south and to the west from the slopes of Gomariz and the curves of the river Avia, quintessential cradle of Ribeiro wines.

“To make a little good Ribeiro wine for friends” is one of the first thoughts which emerge while starting the rehabilitation of the property. A difficult goal to achieve in a sea of palomino and garnacha, foreign varieties of great yield but of very low quality for their vinification in the region. Gradually, that modest desire soon evolved into a professional vineyard, contributing to the recovery of the quality and prestige of the Ribeiro wines and modernized the traditional production and elaboration processes.

So, in 1978, a complex and laborious search of the characteristics of the traditional varieties native to the Appellation, the production of the plants, their implantation and cultivation. Also, numerous investigations and trials were undertaken both in the Experimental Cellar of the Ribeiro and on the premises. Those efforts and trials of this and other wineries proved fundamental to the regeneration and resurgence of the Appellation and of the excellent red and white wines produced in its domain.

In 1987, the Vilerma trademark is formally presented in the market, white and red, vinifying exclusively the grapes grown on the property.More info.